The Creator’s Galaxy Protocol Enters Marketing Partnership with Stader Labs

2 min readAug 5, 2022

$CLXY/$HBARx trading pair now live on SaucerSwap.

On behalf of The Creator’s Galaxy Protocol, Calaxy is excited to announce a marketing partnership with Stader Labs, a non-custodial, smart contract-based staking platform that helps users conveniently discover and access staking solutions.

The genesis of the partnership comes in the form of the $CLXY/$HBARx trading pair that is now available on SaucerSwap, the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) built on the Hedera network.

“The launch of SaucerSwap represents an enormous milestone for the Hedera ecosystem. With the $CLXY/$HBARx trading pair now live, early adopters of Stader’s impressive liquid staking solution now have easier access to Calaxy Tokens. It’s the beginning of something big. We’re excited to roll up our sleeves and get to work exploring future opportunities in DeFi with Stader.” — Solo Ceesay, Calaxy Co-Founder & CEO

Saucer Swap is also offering an $HBARx/$CLXY yield farm, allowing holders to earn $HBAR and $SAUCE by staking liquidity.

Earlier this year, Stader Labs introduced the first staking solution for $HBAR holders in the form of its liquid staking token, $HBARx. Now, holders of $HBARx will be able to swap their tokens for $CLXY (and vice versa) via SaucerSwap.

“We are very impressed with what the Calaxy team is building and are super excited to be partnering with them. Increasing the utility and options for HBARX holders is the next phase of our liquid staking solution and our partnership with Calaxy and SaucerSwap will be fundamental to this evolution. Having the option to exchange HBARX directly for Calaxy tokens is a major first step in that direction.” — Amit, Co-Founder & CEO, Stader

To learn more about Stader’s liquid staking solution for Hedera, check out their FAQ page here.

To learn more about SaucerSwap, the pioneering DEX on Hedera, check out their FAQ page here.

About Calaxy

Calaxy is the social marketplace built for creators, by creators. Built and backed by a team of visionaries, and spearheaded by co-founders NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie and ex-financier Solo Ceesay, Calaxy is an entirely new approach to the world of content creators, putting today’s fan right at the center of the action.

Utilizing the Hedera network, a blockchain alternative that harnesses the power of the hashgraph consensus algorithm, Calaxy’s open social marketplace creates a fair exchange of value, enabling creators to monetize relationships with their community through Creator Tokens, which fans can utilize for a suite of personalized experiences. Learn more about Calaxy and the broader Creator’s Galaxy, as well as follow our Twitter for more updates.