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Calaxy & Bison Trails

Enlisting Bison Trails To Power Calaxy Validator Nodes on Flow

We’re excited to announce our efforts in working together with Bison Trails, the premier blockchain infrastructure as a service company to power nodes for Calaxy on the Flow Blockchain built by Dapper Labs.

Initially, we will run a Flow Verification node on Bison Trails, currently open for public delegation. Shortly we’ll announce the launch of Calaxy’s Consensus and Collection nodes on Flow. The nodes will soon be available for public delegation.

Bison Trails will enable fans of Dinwiddie and Calaxy to delegate $FLOW tokens to their respective nodes to help secure the networks and earn staking rewards on their existing tokens. We see this as a catalyst for other influencers to power validators on networks they interact with while earning rewards and engaging with fans.

For more information or to delegate to a Calaxy node, please visit

Follow us on Twitter: @calaxyapp

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