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Calaxy is excited to join other industry-leading projects in supporting the Hedera ecosystem and its interoperability with Ethereum and Polygon, through the hashport network. Bridging these networks provides developers with a greater, and more streamlined ability to create rich experiences that utilize the strengths of each blockchain or distributed ledger technology. This decentralized bridge will provide added liquidity by potentially facilitating the transfer of assets from HTS to popular marketplaces, such as OpenSea.

Calaxy provides content creators and celebrities with the opportunity to leverage the Hedera Token Service (HTS) for both social tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By reimagining the way people use social media, and empowering more interactive and meaningful fan experiences, Calaxy puts power back into the hands of the user, creating a fair exchange of value. The application gives creators the ultimate toolkit to monetize engagement through familiar experiences such as live video calls and monthly premium content subscriptions, in addition to rewarding fans for their engagement.

Through this collaboration with the hashport network and the provision of a decentralized bridge, Calaxy embraces its position as an active community member in support of the other visionary networks working to facilitate and bolster the wider Hedera ecosystem. Following on from the addition of Calaxy nodes on the Flow blockchain,, this partnership will allow Calaxy to continue to innovate, and further expand user utility and interoperability across the network.

Read the Calaxy whitepaper and learn more about the Creator’s Galaxy.

About Calaxy

Calaxy is the social marketplace built for creators, by creators. Built and backed by a team of visionaries, and spearheaded by co-founders NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie and ex-financier Solo Ceesay, Calaxy is an entirely new approach to the world of content creators, putting today’s fan right at the center of the action.

Utilizing the Hedera network, a blockchain alternative that harnesses the power of the hashgraph consensus algorithm, Calaxy’s open social marketplace creates a fair exchange of value, enabling creators to monetize relationships with their community through Creator Tokens, which fans can utilize for a suite of personalized experiences.

About hashport

Hashport is a public utility that serves as a solution to this problem, enabling the secure & efficient transfer of value between DLT networks and allowing users to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Hashport looks to strike the right balance between security, speed, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

Interoperability bridges serve as an instrument of collaboration between networks, bridging assets over protocols without a user having to divest from their current assets.

The portal will allow retail users for fast, secure, and decentralized solutions, permitting you to bridge over your assets and explore the worlds of Defi, gaming, NFT’s, and other applications with seamless interoperability between networks. With enterprises, the bridge vastly simplifies, accelerates, and serves as a secure network for cross-network asset settlements.



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