Upcoming Inaugural Calaxy Collectibles Drop

4 min readApr 19, 2022


The first Collection in our inaugural line of Calaxy Collectibles will be Meet Myro: An Origin Story.

Collection 1 — Meet Myro: An Origin Story

As previously announced, this first Collection is comprised of 26 1-of-1 NFTs featuring Myro, the ultimate fan across the entire Creator’s Galaxy. He has come from the planet Hat-P-7b, which is located in the Cygnus constellation, about 1,000 lightyears from Earth — a place where it famously “rains rubies and sapphires.” (True story).

The Collection is designed by Myro Creator and Calaxy Chief Design Officer Chadd Weston. Weston initially came up with the concept for this Collection to help tell the Calaxy story. Each Collectible is a nod to the inspiration for Myro, an anecdote from the Calaxy App origin story, a glimpse into the vision for The Creator’s Galaxy Protocol, or an homage to the brief (but rich) history of Web3 more broadly.

“Calaxy is only 18 months old,” Weston said. “Yet, it already has a rich history and so many stories worth telling. The Meet Myro Collection aims to share these stories in unique and meaningful ways. Calaxy’s beginning is still very much being written, and this drop gives our early supporters a chance to be part of the tale.”

Each pack in the Collection will cost $26 and contain one randomized Meet Myro Collectible.

In order to be eligible to participate in this initial Calaxy Collectibles drop, you’ll need to sign up for early access to the Calaxy App here. Anyone who signs up for early access by 1:00 PM ET on Monday, May 2, 2022 will be emailed a six-digit access code at that time. You’ll then have 24 hours to complete your registration for a Calaxy account before the Meet Myro Collectibles drop.

On May 3** at 1:00 PM ET, you’ll then be able to use your account to attempt to purchase one of the NFTs in the Meet Myro Collection using Circle Pay in the Calaxy web application.

**UPDATE • June 3, 2022 — The Meet Myro: An Origin Story Collection drop has been scheduled for Monday, June 6, 2022 at 1 PM ET. It’s officially official. In order to participate, you’ll need to have a Calaxy account via an early access code. You’ll need to have your 12-word seed phrase for that account handy as you’ll be prompted to use it to sign into the web application. You’ll need to be in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. And you’ll need to have a Visa or Mastercard to purchase via Circle Pay. The link to the landing page for the drop will be emailed to all Calaxy users on the morning of the drop (Monday, June 6).

*UPDATE • May 18, 2022—The Meet Myro: An Origin Story Collection pack drop will be rescheduled once Calaxy has received the live API key from Circle Pay to implement credit card payments on the app.

You’ll actually use Circle to purchase USD Coin on Hedera (hUSDC), then that hUSDC will be used to purchase the Collectible from Calaxy. (This process will be handled automatically by Calaxy in a matter of seconds, so you’ll have a simplified checkout experience.)

If you’re fortunate enough to snag one of the Meet Myro NFTs, you will see it displayed in the Collectibles tab of your Calaxy account moments after you’ve unveiled your particular 1-of-1.

Assuming a successful launch of Calaxy Collectibles via the Meet Myro drop, additional drops will be scheduled for Collections 2 & 3, respectively, in the weeks that follow.

Collection 2 — O-M-“IG”

Collection 2—O-M-“IG”—will now include 100 packs, each containing three NFTs for $100. The Collection will feature ten women who have together amassed more than 10 million followers on Instagram. That’s a lot of 👀.

You can follow them here:

Collection 3 — Tokstar Lifestyle

Collection 3—Tokstar Lifestyle—will feature Creators prominent on TikTok. Further details regarding this drop will be made available closer to launch.


How much will a Meet Myro: An Origin Story Collectible cost?


Will I be able to use $HBAR or other cryptocurrency to buy a Meet Myro Collectible?

At this time you’ll only be able to purchase Collectibles with hUSDC via Circle.

Will I need to associate a token ID in order to purchase a Meet Myro Collectible?

You will not need to associate a token ID.

Will I be able to transfer my Meet Myro Collectible to a different wallet?

After you’ve purchased your Meet Myro Collectible, you should be able to transfer it to any HTS-compatible wallet, including Hashpack.